Sliver is a luminaire that interprets natural light in a playful and subtle way to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Inspired by the sunlight that shines through the shoji paper doors in Japan, the goal was to recreate this subdued, pleasant light, in combination with an analog dimming function that not only serves a functional purpose, but offers an interesting interaction. As an object in the living area, it not only fulfills a function, but encourages to meditatively perceive the subtle gradations of light and actively create the mood of the room, contrary to digitalized lighting- and homeconcepts that tend to create colder and more anonymous living spaces.


A sliver of light created by the sun coming into the room through a door crack. The mood changes depending how much one opens the door. Different layers of shoji paper on the doors mute the harsh effect. A luminaire that evokes a sense of natural light changes in rooms, by an analogue dimming method. Shape and light should be reminiscent of natural lightsources: sun and moon.


Lamp parts should be built out of bent wood using the traditional magemono technique while the shadow disk is regular wood all painted black. In the front part is a swappable frame with shoji paper wrapped around allowing for easy replacement in case of damages. Power button and handle are raw steel to create a slightly contrasted, high resolution tactile experience for the user. The turning is allowed via a self stopping slewing ring. All materials were chosen to allow a sustainable manufacturing process.


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