Nick Geipel is a Berlin based product designer. He is currently studying at the weissensee kunsthochschule berlin.

After finishing his apprenticeship as a carpenter and cabinetmaker 2018 in Hamburg, he started his studies in 2019 in Berlin. In 2022 he studied for a semester at Kyoto University of the Arts and Design in Kyoto, Japan.

During his studies he worked as a self-employed carpenter and cabinetmaker as well as a designer for Kazai / mtc commerce.

04/23 Baruth, GER Wasser & Wein Museum Baruther Glashütte
02/23 Riihimäki, FI glass handformed matter The Finnish Glas Museum
02/23 Halle, GER Wasser & Wein Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt
11/22 Cologne, GER Greener Manufacturing Show Cologne Fair
10/22 Eindhoven, NL Green Future Club dutch design week
08/22 Boda, SWE glass handformed matter The Glass Factory
05/22 Gotha, GER Wasser & Wein Kunstforum Gotha
05/22 Berlin, GER glass handformed matter Bröhan Museum
07/21 Berlin, GER Wasser & Wein feldfünf

Green Concept Award 2023 - shortlist
Creative Conscience Award
Isola Design Award 2022 - nominee
Hessischer Staatspreis für Universelles Design 2022 - shortlist

Contact     email: nickgeipeldesign@gmail.com     tel: +49 (0)15254636307   

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