In our digital world, electricity is as essential as water. So why is electricity not available everywhere in public spaces?

Power Plant addresses this problem by offering a solution that can be installed on top of existing infrastructure in the urban landscape. Using solar cells in combination with fluorescent acrylic makes the charging station not a visual obstacle in the city but a new, emblematic piece of lively urban culture. The transparent solar panel principle is particularly suitable for diffuse light conditions and, therefore, for less sunny regions. The charging stations are installed in quieter urban spaces, such as squares or parks, so citizens can charge their devices while there. As a solar charging station, Power Plant provides free public electricity and creates a social venue that eliminates the need for lockers.

Together with Charlotte von Ravenstein


Solar energy has the very appealing potential to create independence and to add onto existing infrastructure, paving the way for a democratic network for and by the public. Visually, the collector itself was inspired by similar „collectors“ found in nature, such as leaves or mushrooms.  To explore our concept and its potential, a functional rough prototype was built to put it into a public context and see if and how people would interact with it. PowerPlant can be attached to any pole with a diameter of 8cm or more to be simbiotically attached in the cityscape without the need for newly built infrastructure.


Using the LSC (luminescent solar cell) technology the luminescent sheet material breaks longwave into shortwave lightrays and concentrates the solar energy along the edges, where it gets harvested by monocrystalline solar cells. This technology is especially effective in diffuse light conditions and almost doubles the efficiency of the solar cells. From there, the power is led via cable into the holding bracket where two batteries are stored and get charged continuously. This allows for charging at night or in poorer light conditions, as well as quick charging.

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